Van Nuys High School 
Class of 1957
Let's Do It Again
Castillians & Marquis At 57
A Reunion Of The Winter & Summer Classes Of 1957

 Little Nostalgia Anyone?

q When: In 2014
q Where: AirTel Hotel Van Nuys
q Reunion Chair: Marilyn Markham Deatherage


Well, we will continue the location of classmates for the next reunion!

Someone mentioned a 57th on Sunday at the Tour & Brunch! GREAT IDEA !! So plan now for 2014- do not plan a long trip, it will be either Spring or Fall.

The 50th was a tremendously huge success, as I’ve been repeatedly told! We had 294 reservations, including a few no-shows and 9 paid at the door.

The DJ, Bob Madden, of The Madd Platter Entertainment Co. was really good and said we were  more lively than the 20-year reunions he had been doing. 

The AirTel Plaza Hotel did a great job, the meal was hot & plenty, and the staff quick and attentive.

Our program was free-flow with Greetings from Sheila McDowell Deming, the Castillian Vice-President,  and Michael Hooper, the Marquis class President. After that Harold Jacobs remarked on his Project of scanning all of the Van Nuys High annuals from 1920-1957 and some of the news about the school from the Van Nuys News of those years. He produced a CD for each attending classmate. Our thanks!!

Steve Garfein explained his 100 Year Project with interviews of 1957 and 2007 leaders, videotaping and trying to show some of our very successful classmates (including Bob Stiles, Joanne Rosales Cracknell, Dave Koff, and Chuck Pollack, etc.) and the future leaders, hoping they continue through their 50th. 

Oh yes!! They elected me “QUEEN”.  I was very surprised and pleased!

All had a really fun and interesting time on Sunday at the High School. The Tour was fabulous, thanks to Terry Stoller, and the Brunch delicious, thanks to the Cafeteria (including the Crumb Cake we used to have) with over 110 attending, which gave us more time to catch up with our classmates.

By the way, lots of “singles” attended-some without spouses and many unattached. Also there were 38 Castillians with 25 guests for 62 people representing about 210 classmates (less the 38 deceased from W’57). 

We still NEED copies of memorabilia: newspaper clippings, football programs, scrapbook stuff, community participation, occupational and educational awards etc., 1954
through the present for yourself and other classmates.

Send to: Marilyn Markham Deatherage, 23635 Schoenborn St. West Hills, CA 91304   (818-348-6444)

THANK YOU for returning your Questionnaire, it helps to verify your information including changes of address, level of interest and in the planning process.

AND we still need to find about 200 people: all clues from childhood on are helpful!

Schools, neighborhood, old addresses, names of parents, brothers & sisters, cousins, friends, girl/boy friends, church or temple, birth state and date, step-parents, college, occupation, military service, marriage state & date, death state and full date, hobbies all point to avenues for research. Don’t forget I am a genealogist with years of experience and many sources. HELP!!

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Greetings Castillians-class of the few but mighty. 

To those of us still around to read this it’s time to celebrate that fact with fellow classmates. If ever the phrase, “once in a life time”applied, it’s now.  This will be a chance to recall the weird, the funny, and the cherished memories of our lives at Van Nuys High fifty years ago. 
“Chances are” (Johnny Mathis) we’ll also have tales of similar life experiences to exchange with those who have also, “been there, done that”.  So bring your wrinkles, love handles, and anything else you’ve got left to this celebration. Be there or be square! 

Sheila McDowell Deming 


Dear ’57 Classmates,

What an exciting time in our lives…for those of us who are still around.  To think 50 years ago we could imagine what our life would be like today is hard to comprehend. These are truly exciting days. And we get the chance to attend our 50th high school reunion and tell lies to each other on how easy the last 50 years have been.
I am looking forward to seeing as many people as possible from VNHS ’57. I hope to get caught up with (old) former classmates and I promise I won’t lie too much. See you May 5.

Mike Hooper